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"We have argued that the city, like the woman who haunts it, is mere palimpsest, that is, a series of translucent edifices inscribed one over another, an infinite series of cities falling away into an infinite past and stretching forward into an infinite future. John, in his peregrinations through these streets, is caught in a moment that traverses time as well as space, so that behind him, as he walks, buildings vanish and distort, new shapes arise, Gothic, Corinthian, glass skyscrapers, slums filled with broken windows and the carcasses of animals, cathedrals which crumble into primitive huts and ruins whose stones regroup into urban shopping malls..."

"This city, we insist, must not be confused with the pedestrian creations that crowd our globe, cities with which we are quite familiar, we are not discussing here the relative merits of Kuala Lumpur and Kota Belud, Mangalore and Singapore, Nuku Hiva and Api-Api, we will not describe Iquitos where he lived for some time on a bamboo raft tethered to the shore of the great river which bisects that continent, his dreams full of oily water, a black placidity that also coursed during those nights alongside the great city of his dreams..."

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