Andoria Dystopia The White Girdle


"I often stroll through the city in my underwear. I enter old buildings late at night—abandoned factories, the ruins of once-elegant estates, cathedrals fallen into rubble. You can hear my heels clicking on stone paving. I lean against walls. I pose for imaginary pictures. Or, in this case, real pictures, which you can see here, taken by Auld John. We love doing this: it feels secretive and erotic. There is a metaphor tangled up here also, but I will write about that another day. It is enough, today, to show these photos, and imagine: imagine the coolness of my flesh, the sleekness of my stockings, and how it feels—to me—that tug and twist of the suspended nylon moving with each step, the altered balance caused by the high, very high, heels, the curious compression of my waist—all of it oddly sensual, quietly erotic, and-—for my author—strangely inspiring..." The Nocturnal Wife