Evidence of a Lost City is a both a novel and a movie, by D.N. Stuefloten.
The novel is now finished and available at Amazon as both an E-book ($3.95) and paperback ($10).

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"Stuefloten doesn't play by the rules realistic. He follows the amoral rules of the unconscious."
—the Columbia Dispatch

"Maya is a disturbing collage of mixed visions with psychodelic qualities. Stuefloten sees America with a jaundiced eye that skews reality and perceives normalcy as frightening."
Small Press Magazine

"Maya weaves impressively tense and disturbing variations on the theme of violence in the Amercan imaginatioin."
--Review of Contemporary Fiction

Auld JohnAvatarsGuides Wraiths Grotesqueries

Evidence of a Lost City is an exploration of words and images: a prose novel and a visual movie. Both circle around the same conceit — an older man who descends, every night, into a dream city. In this city he is young again. He is an explorer, a wanderer, an artist, a lover. There is also a Nocturnal Wife and Wraiths, Guides and Grotesqueries — creatures who are perhaps memories, perhaps Jungian archetypes. Or perhaps they are demons and succubi. Whatever they are, it is an adventure. And you are in the middle of it.

   The novel and the movie are similar — and very different. The strengths and weakness of words propel the story in a particular direction. The strengths and weaknesses of video — well, they often flash in a different way altogether. It is curious to see how they relate to — and inspire — each other. The novel is being written in cafes, by pen, in a notebook, an ancient and honorable task. The movie is created in a computer, using Poser Pro 2014, Adobe's Photoshop and Premiere. That contrast is intruiging too...